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Indo-Scythian: Azilises, Copper 1/8 unit, 1st Century BCE
Weight: 0.98 gm. Dimensions: 12 x 11 mm Die axis: 12 o'clock
King mounted on horse right, Kharoshthi ti above, within square border,
     Greek legend around: BAΣIΛEΩΣ / BAΣIΛEΩN / MEΓAΛOY // AZIΛICOY
Herakles seated on a rock, holding club, monogram below left,
     all within square border, Kharoshthi legend around:
     maharajasa / mahatasa / ayilishasa
Reference: MIG --- (unlisted), Sen --- (unlisted)
A previously unknown denomination of an attractive series of copper coins issued by Azilises some time in the middle of the 1st Century BCE. Senior had previously recorded the full unit, the half and the quarter; this coin adds the eighth unit to the list. The type is unusual because the Kharoshthi legend on the reverse leaves out the expected rajarajasa, which would be the translation of the BAΣIΛEΩN (King of Kings) seen on the obverse.

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